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Does your research involve astrocytes?

Astrocytes are the most abundant cell type in the central nervous system (CNS) and they provide a variety of vital functions for the CNS including: establishment and regulation of the blood brain barrier, functional support for neuronal transmission, survival of neurons, anti-inflammatory responses and wound repair.

SRL astrocytes

Astrocytes also play a central role in the progression of neurological disease and have been implicated in various pathological processes such as reactive gliosis.


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Wooing local talent to work at ‘weird science’

Singapore needs more of them to commit to study cutting-edge tech to make a difference

The computer screen lights up with blotches of green and red, cialis generic formless shapes moving here and there.

I am watching these dancing images, ignorant and clueless, next to a man who knows exactly what is taking place.

I see meaningless colours; he sees body cells responding to an injury.

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